15T or 20T capacity with a lifting stroke of 750mm and a
total lowered height of 1160mm


This unit is used on the pit floor instead of a conventional jacking beam running on pit edge rails. It may also be used on the garage floor under a vehicle lifted by column lifts. The lifting cylinder is mounted in a 800 mm square sprung base and is easily moved on 4 castors. On loads above 600 kg the castors retract and the unit sits solidly on the floor. A purpose designed high output air pump provides the power to two lifting cylinders. To improve safe working, hydraulic locking is provided by 90 degree isolation valves which are locked when the desired lifting height is reached. They also provide easy visual confirmation that the jack is locked off and allows each cylinder to be operated independently.

Operation is simplicity itself. Raise the air valve lever to quickly advance lifting cylinder to load and then the air pump automatically takes over to lift the load. When the desired height is reached, close the cylinder isolation valves. To lower the load, open the isolation valves and release the 'dead man' valve on pump. When the load is off the cylinders, hold down air valve lever to quickly retract cylinders. Simple, efficient and safe.


Power Pack




15 Tonne lift
20 Tonne lift

A high output air pump complete with delivery valve, pre set overpressure valve and 'dead man' release valve produces the high output flow to the cylinders. The design offers air over oil hydraulic power for advance and retract of the cylinders, this increases unloaded movement. Control is by a single air valve. Up for advance and power lift and down for retract.

The two double acting hydraulic cylinders have a 400 mm stroke. Top quality using chrome plated rods and the latest seal technology to ensure a long and trouble free life. Lateral movement from 180 mm upwards, the maximum width dependent on beam width. Each cylinder fitted with safety hose burst valve and 90 degrees movement isolation valve for easy visual confirmation of its position.

Designed and manufactured in accordance with Machinery Directive 98/37/EC and engineering standard: BS EN 1494:2001 (Materials handling equipment) complies with EC requirements and is covered by a 5 year warranty. Each unit is fully tested, marked with serial number and supplied with a test certificate.

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