Autolift Warranty

Autolift guarantees all of their products to be free from any faulty material or workmanship for a period of 5 years (60 calendar months) subject to the conditions set out below.

The period of warranty commences from the date of manafacture, ie; the date on the Test Certificate.


The prescribed maintenance schedule below must be carried out in order to qualify for the 5-year term of the warranty; failure to do so may void the warranty term. All maintenance must be recorded in order to support a claim if necessary.

Weekly: Keep jack in a clean condition. Drain water filter. Check condition of hoses. Apply a few drops of general-purpose oil to air inlet. Extend both cylinders to maximum stroke on a weekly basis (this pushes out to the tank any water accumulated in the bottom of the cylinder).

Quarterly: Grease wheel bearings. Check reservoir oil levels are 50mm from top of reservoir. Check front reservoir with both cylinders fully down. Check rear reservoir with cylinders fully up. (Disconnect air supply before removing filling plugs on top of reservoir) Do not operate jack with filling plugs removed. Top up if required with ISO 10 hydraulic oil. Hand pump model: Lubricate handle pivot point.

Annually: A competent person or authorised agent should thoroughly inspect the equipment and any faulty or damaged parts should be replaced. A complete oil change is recommended every 12 months to ensure longevity of the jack using **ISO 10 hydraulic oil**. The use of incorrect oil is detrimental to the operation of the jack and can compromise the seals throughout the system.

What is covered
Autolift’s liability is limited to the replacement of parts found to be defective arising solely from faulty material or bad workmanship in the products of our own manufacture, properly used solely for the purposes for which they were designed and intended and not due to wear and tear, misuse, neglect or improper adjustment.

What is not covered
Parts that have failed due to wear and tear, misuse, neglect or improper adjustment. Worn seals and packings.

Between months 12 to 60 of the warranty period the following consumable wearing parts may not be covered: seals (cylinder, air pump and valve block), bearings, lifting adapters, internal air pump components, air pipes, hydraulic hoses, any part suffering from accidental or water damage.

Autolift or our agents are in no circumstances liable for any consequential or other loss or damage arising through any defect in our product.

Autolift does not supply loan units whilst warranty repairs are carried out.



All claims should be notified to Autolift by telephone or email who will authorise necessary repairs or the replacement of pump or rams to be carried out by us or an authorised agent. Should the fault(s) be found to be as a result of wear and tear, misuse, neglect or improper adjustment, a charge will be made for the work carried out.


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